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The increase to Companies House fees: What you need to know

The increase to Companies House fees: What you need to know

As of 1st May 2024, Companies House has implemented revised fees, marking a significant change in the cost structure for various services.

This adjustment stems from the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency (ECCT) Act, introducing measures that inevitably increase operational costs for Companies House.

Understanding the impact

The fee revisions encompass a range of services, each carrying its own implications for businesses.

Notably, the fee for an annual confirmation statement, when submitted digitally, has surged to £34, compared to the previous rate of £13.

This increase represents a substantial adjustment and demands careful consideration from businesses, especially those accustomed to the previous fee structure.

Strategic considerations

Given the recent changes, businesses are urged to assess their filing schedules and plan accordingly.

For a comprehensive breakdown of the prices that have taken effect from 1 May 2024, businesses can refer to the official source provided by Companies House: Changes to Companies House Fees.

This resource serves as a valuable reference point for understanding the specific fee adjustments and their implications for businesses of varying sizes and industries.

Seeking expert guidance

Navigating these fee adjustments and the broader implications of the ECCT requires a nuanced understanding of company law and compliance obligations.

As such, businesses are encouraged to seek professional advice and support to navigate these changes seamlessly.

Our company secretarial experts are ready to assist businesses in adapting to the revised fee structure and ensuring continued compliance with regulatory requirements, so speak to us.

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