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Mergers & acquisitions

Mergers & acquisitions aren’t a commonplace event for most business owners. In fact, you may only be directly involved in the sale or purchase of a business once or maybe twice during your lifetime.

That’s why it’s important to collaborate with experienced professional advisers who specialise in acquisitions, disposals, and business valuations.

At SRG Newmans, our team of M&A specialists will work closely with you to ensure your purchase or disposal is meticulously researched and carefully negotiated. We’ll work with you to mitigate risks and maximise a successful and ultimately profitable outcome.

We can help you to:
  • Screen potential acquisition targets
  • Conduct asset valuations for disposal purposes
  • Craft effective negotiation strategies
  • Assist in raising the necessary funding
  • Identify suitable purchasers
  • Develop integration plans for a smooth transition
  • Optimise your tax position to minimise your liabilities

When you are acquiring a business, it is important to have confidence in your decision.

Our team will conduct thorough due diligence on your behalf, to ensure there are no nasty post-acquisition financial surprises.

Our services include an examination of:

  • The internal structure and systems of the target business
  • The overall financial position
  • The reliability of forecasts and estimates
  • The tax position of the business
  • The broader business environment in which it operates

Additionally, we can provide expert advice on structuring the sale agreement and maximising tax efficiency for your purchase.

SRG Newmans

If you are considering selling your business, careful planning is essential. By getting in touch with us early in the process, we can help you fully prepare your business for sale to maximise its value.

Our early involvement also helps minimise potential issues raised during the buyer’s due diligence, preventing disruptions to your daily operations and delays in completing the transaction.

Additionally, we will help you to negotiate with potential buyers and provide guidance on minimising your tax liabilities, ensuring that the outcome reflects the true value of your hard work and investment.

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