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April key tax dates

Newsletter issue – April 2023

5 – Last opportunity to utilise income tax personal allowances, annual ISA allowances, and exemptions for CGT and IHT for 2022/23.

Last day to claim exemption from Class 4 NIC for 2022/23 where earnings are also subject to Class 1 NIC.

Final day for claims for 2018/19 relating to personal allowances, remittance basis, terminal loss relief, overlap relief, carry-forward of trading losses, and capital losses.

The deadline to claim an asset became of negligible value or loan to a trader became unrecoverable in 2020/21.

11 – Last day to set up a variable direct debit to pay PAYE for payment this month.

19 – Employers must make the final RTI payroll report for 2022/23 using FPS or EPS.

22 – PAYE, NIC, and student loan deductions are to be paid to HMRC by electronic means for the month of 5 April 2023, unless the employer has set up a direct debit so HMRC can collect the amounts due.

30 – Daily £10 late filing penalties start to apply to outstanding 2021/22 self-assessment returns.

Any IHT due on lifetime transfers between 6 April and 30 September 2022 is due.

ATED returns and ATED relief declarations must be filed for 2023/24. The ATED charge must be paid for 2023/24.

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